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Making Technology Work For You: A Guide To The IPhone

If you make the most of your iPhone, you will see that its features can make life simpler. However, many people do not know all there is to know about their iPhone. If you don't believe you are currently able to get all that you can from your iPhone now, please read the following article for some very useful advice.

Personalizing your iPhone is easy when you select the perfect ringtone. Stand apart from the crowd with a ringtone that is personal and shies away from the standard! You could use your favorite song or another sound you find enjoyable. It will certainly grab attention faster than one of the stock sounds.

Maximizing the use of your iPhone will only come if you master all of the tricks of the phone. One of which being eliminating emails you do not want with the simple swipe of your finger. If you swipe your finger across the message it will automatically pull up a box that will allow you to delete it immediately.

Is your iPhone frozen or not responding? If it is unresponsive to clicking the Home button, hold down the Home button. Any apps that are locked here will be forced to close. If there is still no response, hold down both the Home and Sleep buttons for approximately ten seconds. By doing this, the iPhone should reset on its own.

Use your iPhone to connect through social media to all of your friends. The iPhone can keep your friends updated through social media like Twitter or Facebook. You can also see what your friends are up to through the iPhone.

If you would like to fully understand what your iPhone can do for you, then take a look at the Apple tutorials. You can learn many functions of your iPhone in detailed instructions step by step. You can use tutorials anytime you are having problems with your iPhone.

Are your iPhone contacts desperately in need of a backup? If so, then iDrive Lite is an app that you should use, as it can easily restore and share your contacts. The greatest thing about it is that, as long as you update your iPhone with the latest software, it is totally free.

The iPhone has the option, as do other smartphones, to alert you visually to calls and messages you are receiving on your phone. You can set your iPhone to show a silent blink from the camera flash as each call or message comes into your phone. To access this feature go into the "accessibility" tab under the settings menu. Switch Flash for Alerts to the "ON" position.

One great thing to do with your iPhone is to use the Facebook app. A lot of mobile users are already aware that they can do this, but a lot of folks still have no idea that they can do this.

If you are looking to add, multiply or subtract something really fast, take advantage of the calculator function in the utilities section of the iPhone. In the phone's vertical position, you will get a standard calculator and if you flip it into horizontal position, you will see a scientific calculator.

Do you always text the same people? Designate these numbers are favorites. You can use your phone logs--specifically your recent call log and your list of favorites--in order to text or call people. Tap the small arrow next to a contact and select text message. You can then ask them quickly what the voice message is about, a perfect tool when you are stuck in a meeting.

Hopefully, this article has educated you on some things about iPhones that you were not previously aware of. If this is the case for you, all that is left to do is to put the information to use to get the most out of your phone, or decide if the phone is right for you.

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